La Reina del Sur Capitulo 57

Ver La Reina del Sur Capitulo 57 Online novela telenovela El La Reina del Sur Capitulo 57 telenovelas capitulos La Reina del Sur Cap 57 Avance La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 57. 38.6 percent of coastal trapped on TV to watch the premiere of the South Queen, produced by Telemundo and the Antena 3 on Monday began airing in Colombia for Canal Caracol. At the rear of the Caribbean Region of Antioquia, followed by 36.2 percent, showing that even 'narconovelas' still rely on public acceptance.

For its part, the general statistics in this country registered more than 2.4 million viewers stay glued to the screen for 86 minutes, time in the series, starring Kate del Castillo of Mexico, the production faced competition. While the results showed interest most people who want to 'consume' production reflect social conflicts, there are people who disagree with the type of programming, such as it is believed that the phenomenon of drug trafficking in TV has in the past. It should be noted that after the success of The Dolls of the Mafia, El Cartel and The Capo, between 'narcoseries' other production refreshing to come and customs, between Fortuna Chepe and the man is the seed, which delighted audiences of all ages.

Different opinions. Before the return of violence and drug trafficking in Colombia screen, sociologist Edgar Rey Sinning for the authors note that it appears that there is no creative theme, but had to build recurring situations. "It is true that the situation in Colombia and in many countries in Latin America, but it is also true that in our country there is much more valuable to demonstrate."

King of sin refers to the cultural wealth of the country and the importance of many characters that, in concept, examples of improvements. He mentioned Joe Arroyo, who advanced in production for TV, although historically associated with the fluctuations that can not be ignored.

From the standpoint of the director and producer Juan Jose Londono La Reina del Sur has a good handle on the camera, but also criticism of the contents: "I think a recurring theme, also a concept that can be modified with an interesting story also reflects the reality of the country. As for the viewer Maria Altahona, this 'narconovela' has a plot and suspense scenes that captivate your attention.

In the first chapter. The first chapter of 'La Reina del Sur', on Canal Caracol, viewers see at night increased by 66 percent, compared with the week of May 9 to 13, capturing most of the population over 40 years. 32.7 points and 13.7 share rating is a mark output. In Singapore, the United States, more frequent and impressive debut in the history of the canal, with a total of 2.4 million viewers and 1.5 million adult viewers in this segment. In Spain the average audience of 2.7 million viewers.
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