Ver La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 42

Ver La reina del sur Capitulo 42 Online La Reina Del Sur Cap 42 telenovelas capitulos 42 online novela, Telenovela La Reina Del Sur Capitulo 42 43 online streaming via youtube gratis. La historia comienza en Culiacán cuando Teresa recibe una llamada. Le dicen que su novio, el “Güero” Dávila, ha muerto, por lo que decide huir. Pide ayuda a Epifanio Vargas, padrino de Dávila, quien la envía a Melilla, España para crear una vida nueva. Ahí trabaja en un bar y conoce a un hombre con el cual se relaciona íntimamente, Santiago Fisterra.

Many telenovela currently enjoy doing by the viewers, according to news from multiple media both online and offline, that the telenovela audience Selian Triunfo Del Amor is a fanbase that exploded today, yes it is La Reina Del Sur, view of some site visitors who publish about these telenovelas so much.

La reina del sur Capitulo 42 Aquí conoce a Paty O’Farell, una mujer bisexual que se enamora de ella, quien estaba en prisión por tráfico de drogas. Luego de que ambas salieran de la cárcel, inician un negocio de tráfico de drogas por el estrecho de Gibraltar con negociantes rusos. Gracias a su gran habilidad con los números y a su innovación logra forjar una "empresa" que se transforma en la mas exitosa en el trafico de drogas en el sur de España. Teresa empieza una nueva relación con su contable, Teo Aljarafe, aunque nunca llega a enamorarse.

But sometimes some of the content of the information is not so complete, it may be the reason for lack of material or emang not quite remember what was in the movie series aired on the telenovela La Reina Del Sur this. But it seems all the Blogger mapun official website so enthusiastic about sharing with each other and share information about this novella to treat the viewers who did not get to watch the previous episodes. Well on this occasion I will take some footage or some synopsis of the various sites that I have outlined more details on the back or shortening, so that the story had not loop or just remind alone.

Ask for assistance from Epifanio Vargas, godfather Davila, who was sent to Melilla, Spain to create a new life. Working in a bar and meets a man who sanctions, Santiago Finisterre. He is a smuggler of tobacco and marijuana between Morocco and Spain over the Strait of Gibraltar, and he began to accompany your journey.

After the accident, Fisterra die, but Teresa survived and was sent to prison. There he met O'Farrell, Paty, a bisexual woman who fancies himself, who is in prison for drug trafficking. After the second out of jail, drug trafficking business started by the Strait of Gibraltar with Russian businessmen. Thanks to the skill with numbers and innovation to form a "company" which became the most successful in drug trafficking in southern Spain. Teresa started a new relationship with your accountant,

La Reina Del Sur, Teo Aljarafe, but never come to love. After finding that he provided information to their business to the government, decided to kill him. This occurs when the reader finds that "Guero" is actually a police officer and ordered Epifanio kill like that. Back to Mexico to go public and avoid the Vargas state senator from Sinaloa.
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